Meet your personal trainer...

Image Credit: Team Bath

We’re absolutely thrilled to be partnering with Team Bath.

Their personal trainers are working with participating teams, providing them with an initial Personal Trainer session, an individual training plan and online motivation and support leading up to the Fit4Bath Challenge.

Meet the personal trainers who could be working with YOUR team below…


Sam Holmes

“Sessions with me will be fun, educating and rewarding. I aim not just for short-term results but to change your long-term approach to health and fitness.”

I have been working in the fitness industry since 2001, at many gyms across the UK, before joining Team Bath in 2013 where I am now the Health & Fitness Manager.

During my career I have trained a wide range of clients whose goals have ranged from increasing energy levels to keep up with children through to endurance runners. Alongside being a personal trainer I have worked as a Master Trainer, educating Personal Trainers on various ways to improve results for their clients and develop their business as well as Group Exercise Instructors on how teach new classes. The personal trainers and exercise instructors I have trained now work in some of the top gyms in the country.

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Georgina Horsham-Batley

“I believe personal training isn’t simply about the hour spent in the gym, it’s a step towards a healthier lifestyle and enjoying your body’s capabilities, which is what can be achieved under my informed guidance!”

Sport, health, and fitness has always been an integral part of my life, from participating in team sports such as regional hockey and netball o studying a BA (Hons) in Sports & Social Science here at the University of Bath. My degree has allowed me to understand health and fitness not only from a practical perspective but has also taught me the importance it can have on a person as a whole.

I have experience of training different types of clients, ranging from those who want to lose weight, gain strength, learn how to perform barbell movements, improve their flexibility and even run a marathon. I have also worked with older populations and complete beginners.

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Tom Walters

“During my time in the fitness industry I have been fortunate enough to come across many different aspects of training methods and applications of training, giving me confidence to work with a wide range of individuals with specific needs and goals.”

As a certified Level 3 Personal Trainer, I am always looking to help individuals achieve their goals in every aspect of fitness and currently have several clients working with me to do so. Being a personal trainer has allowed me to use the several years’ experience of training and working in a health and fitness environment to good effect.


I have been fortunate enough to take part in courses which now allow me to instruct TRX Conditioning and Hatton Academy Boxing Classes. I am always looking to further my knowledge and expand in my field of Personal Training.

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